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Welcome to
Kind Co-Parenting!

Krista Barber, LCSW


Kind Co-Parenting provides guidance and support to parents who are navigating the challenges of coparenting after separation or divorce.  As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Certified Parent Coach, and Coparent myself I promote positive coparenting relationships for the well-being of the children involved.  


Finding peace during transition

The beginning of coparenting can be a very fragile time of transition for everyone involved. Getting support in building your coparenting skills while healing from the separation from your former partner can make a positive difference in you and your child's growth. Even if you have been coparenting for several years, there are new challenges that surface as your children grow and develop and as relationships change. The goal of Kind Co-Parenting is to help you grow as a parent as you maneuver the psychological and logistical challenges of coparenting through all developmental stages. 


Services overview 

I provide individual coparent counseling and a coparenting skill building workshop. I welcome one parent, both parents, stepparents, and/or legal guardians to participate in any of my programs. In our sessions, I will help you improve communication, manage conflicts, establish boundaries and develop strategies to prioritize the well-being on your children.


As a clinical therapist, my goal is to provide a judgement free, confidential space for you to openly discuss your needs and challenges. My objective is to help you gain the skills to recognize triggers, manage anger, develop respectful communication patterns, and connect emotionally with your children. Learn more.


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